About Us

Bits and Bobbles is made up of two people to bring you twice as many free patterns :D

It's made up of myself and my lovely mother, we have been working together both on the blog and in learning how to crochet for over 6 months now, here's a little bit more about us :)

This is me :) My name is Crissy (short for Crisdelin), I'm 19 soon to be 20 years old, and I live with my mum , her partner, a dog and 8 cats by the coast in the UK

I've spent most of my education working my bum off to get into the animal industry as a veterinary nurse, I studied animal management in college and soon found myself off to university to study animal behavior  welfare and science.

Sadly things didn't really go as I imagined them, things at uni started to fall apart when personal issues  started to influence my work, I started to develop social anxiety to a point where I couldn't face going to my classes and upon contacting my tutors I was quickly told to get over it or leave, so I left.

As my anxiety wasn't getting any better, my mum suggested learning how to crochet as it would keep me mentally and physically occupied, so we bought a crochet hook and some cheap wool and I pretty much taught myself from there using YouTube and a few books.

This is my mum :) her name is Anna and she is originally from Cologne, Germany, she grew up in Cologne but left at the age of 19 to travel round Europe before finally settling here in the UK 1978 where she had me.

My mum first learned how to crochet when she was 5-6 years old, she was taught how to make very basic oven gloves to use in her cooking classes, but never really got into it until many years later, my mum is a fantastic cook and a very intelligent woman, I have no idea how I would have passed my maths exams without her help. She started crocheting again along with me to help teach me the basics but quickly got way more involved and easily surpassed me when it comes to technical ability.

I think its safe for me to say my mum is a little bit of a crazy cat lady! in total we have 7 cats, 8 if you count the cat next door which spends most of its time in our house anyway, their names are Elle, Tiger, Sooty, Pippa, Elsie, Miko, Billy and Alfie....so yeah crazy cat lady XD

When my mum started crocheting with me, we started getting friends asking for us to make them things which of course we did, we both started to think we could make something out of our little hobby, that's where bitsandbobbles came in and where we are right now :)