Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cute Minnie Mouse Alice Band Free Pattern

Today we have got a quick little project for you that would make a great present, used to revamp some old Alice bands you have laying around, or are ideal if you have a holiday planned this year to Disneyland!

This project is seriously quick and can be done easily within an hour and only takes a few little bits and pieces you most likely have laying around from previous projects.

You will need:

- 3 balls of black wool (don't worry you don't need the whole 3 balls! or you could also separate 1 ball into 3 separate bits)

-Pink or Red Ribbon (preferably with white spots)

-tapestry needle & scissors

- An old unused Alice band

-4mm Crochet hook

The reason you need the 3 strands is to make the ears stable enough to stand up on their own without pipe cleaners or some sort of support.

The Ears - Make 2 - Work with all 3 strands of black wool and a 4mm crochet hook
Begin with a magic loop

Rnd 1: 12 hdc into the loop, tighten the loop up and join with a sl st into the top of the first hdc, ch 2 (12)

Rnd 2: 2 hdc into each hdc around, join with a sl st and ch 2 (24)

Rnd 3: *1 hdc into next hdc, 2 hdc into the following hdc* repeat *to* to the end, join with sl st

Finish off and weave in loose ends

At this point you make want to take a little bit of black wool and a tapestry needle and sew around your starting magic loop as we noticed ours had a tendency to open up after a while if we didn't sew it closed.

For the Alice band you will be crocheting directly around the headband itself

Start crocheting around the band using single crochet

The amount of stitches you do and how much of the band you cover is up to you

Once you have done as many stitches as you want to do, chain 1 and turn

Do another row of single crochet, this is to make the ears more stable

Finish off and weave in the loose ends

Now using a little wool and a tapestry needle, attach the ears to the headband, make sure they are secure!

Now all that's left to do is using your pretty ribbon, make a bow and either sew or glue it to your band and you're done!!!!

And there you go!
A very simple little project which is absolutely adorable!
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Baby Hats & Loki Dolls! - A Bits&Bobbles Update!

Hi Everyone!
This is just going to be a little update post with no new patterns so feel free to stop reading now!
Both my mum and I have been incredibly busy since around the 4th of December thanks to a little breakthrough with our crochet work, our intention has always been to keep posting the free patterns we come up with here on bits&bobbles, though one of our many goals was to be able to make a little extra income off of what we make.....
Now to anyone who has tried to sell the things they crochet you know how hard it is....picking the right place to sell.....getting the price just right....
Basically it either works instantly or takes months to get any kind of breakthrough
So yeah, in December after Many failed attempts we had a breakthrough with 3 ideas and we have been non stop ever since....hence the dramatic change in blog posts!
We have a little downtime at the moment with only a few custom orders going out in a few days so I thought I would update you all on what we have been doing and that we are still alive!
My mum has been working on a literal tonne of baby hats and accessories as of late, both of us have been focusing on following other peoples patterns to try and get us back into the swing of pattern writing after having a good 2-3 month break of it.
This is one of the patterns she has been working on:
The pattern can be found here on a lovely little site called my merry messy life

Both of us adore this pattern and the website itself as she has loads of free patterns!
Ive been working on fuelling my nerdy side.....Ever since seeing the first Thor film and the Avengers.......I have a serious Loki/Tom Hiddleston seriously its really quite bad
So as you can imagine my utter joy when I found a blog called Over The Bifrost (fans of the film will get the reference)
Especially when I found out on this blog there is this picture:

With the pattern!!!!!!
For Free!!!!!
I'm about half way done with my own Loki doll and will work on Thor shortly afterwards
That's pretty much it to be honest....besides making loads of stuff to sell and our own personal projects....nothing else exciting has happened...
So there's our little update!
Please make sure to go to the blogs we have mentioned as they are quite awesome!
As always feel free to leave us a little comment here or on our facebook page! We always love hearing from all of you!