Monday, 29 September 2014

Easy Crochet Christmas Mug Cosy Pattern + Updates!

Before getting into a lovely free pattern we have a couple quick updates regarding the blog and what we have been up too!

First of all we have now added 2 new features to the blog which can be found at the very bottom of the page, the first feature is a new print friendly button, this button allows you to print off our patterns without having to print off the entire page worth of pictures and text etc. so it just gives you the pattern which is cool!

The second feature is our new Etsy store banner! this will link you to all the different bits and bobs we have up for grabs on Etsy right now including our brand new book! we have created an eBook for beginners to crochet including a different stitches and a couple of patterns as well which can be found using the app below :)

Right enough babbling onto the free pattern!

Pay no attention to my poor photography skills!

So it's coming to the end of September and shops are already starting to get their first Christmas stock in, I even saw a bloody Christmas tree in the Range the other day! Although I think it is a tad too early for all of this to start as Halloween is much closer we decided to work on a few easy Christmas themed patterns for all of you out there who like to get a head start on your homemade gifts!

This is a very simple little pattern that is moderately friendly as long as you know how to half double crochet and change colours! (you will also be working in both rounds and rows so keep an eye out for that)

You will need:
  • 1 Ball of red DK (8ply) wool
  • 1 Ball of green DK (8ply) wool
  • A 4mm Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • And of course a regular sized mug!
Christmas Mug Cosy Pattern!

To begin, use a magic loop and red wool.

Rnd 1: Put 12 half double crochets within the magic loop, tighten the loop and then join with a slip stitch into the top of your first half double crochet, chain 2 (12)

Rnd 2: Put 2 half double crochets into each stitch of the previous round, join with a slip stitch and chain 2 (24)

Rnd 3: *2 Half double crochets into the first stitch, 1 half double crochet in the next stitch* repeat from *to* all the way around your round, join with a slip stitch and chain 2 (36)

Rnd 4: 1 half double crochet in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch and chain 2 (36)

At this point check to see how well this circle fits the bottom of the mug, if it is far too small repeat round 4, if not carry on with the rest of the pattern.

Rnd 5: half double crochet into the back loop of every stitch in the round, this is going to make the cosy bend to the shape of the mug, join with a slip stitch (36)

Row 6-7: Switch to green wool, half double crochet into each stitch around, do not join! chain 2 and turn!

Row 8-9: Switch to red wool, half double crochet into each stitch around, do not join! chain 2 and turn!

Repeat rows 6-9 until the cosy covers the whole of your mug, once the desired length is reached use the current colour you have attached to single crochet around the whole of the last row and down around the part that goes around the handle to neaten it up.

Finish off and use a needle to weave in any loose ends you have.

Now use a little bit of ribbon or wool to thread through the opening at the top of the handle and tie a pretty bow to secure it in place around the mug.

And you're done! from this point you can put any decoration on the side of the mug (we used a snowflake!) and you could also fill the mug with the recipients favourite tea/coffee/hot chocolate as a nice little present!

As always please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us on our facebook page if you have any comments or questions! Also keep a look out for a few Halloween themed projects coming up in the next week!