Thursday, 22 August 2013

Easy Phone Case/Sock Pattern

Its getting to that time of year again where you need to start thinking about Christmas presents.....It's one of those things we all try to avoid until the last possible moment!

Well thank god for home made gifts! especially with money being very limited at the moment, home made gifts are the way to go providing you start them early enough! I know that's what I'm doing this year!

One of the first things I made when I learnt how to crochet was a phone case as it seemed like the easiest thing to do, plus being that pretty much everyone has a mobile phone nowadays you cant really go wrong in giving someone one as a gift.

The issues I have with phone cases though is that annoying dent you get on either side of the phone and they sometimes don't grip the phone properly

So with Christmas in mind Ive simplified the process so it requires no sewing or putting together of any kind! as well as fixed the whole doesn't grip the phone issue :)

These are incredibly quick to make and you can easily modify the pattern to fit any phone, the measurements I used below fit both an Iphone and a Samsung Galaxy, however if your phone is a lot larger or smaller than this then simply add or subtract the number of chains in the beginning :)

Easy Phone Case Pattern

Using a 4mm crochet hook and regular 8ply (DK) wool

Ch 13

Rnd 1: Sc into 2nd ch from hook and into the next 10 ch, 2 sc in last ch,

Turn your work and work 12 sc down the other side of your beginning chain,

Join to the first sc using a sl st, ch 1

you should now end up with a oblong shape.

Now is the easy part, you simply go round and round until it is your desired length, as a guide here's what I did:

Rnd 2 - 24 : Sc into each sc around, join with a sl st and ch 1

Rnd 25: sl st in each sc around, this helps tighten the top to stop your phone from sliding out

Finish off and weave in loose ends

And there you go! one very easy phone case, perfect for last minute Christmas gifts!

Feel free to mix it up and customise them any way you like! Try different colours and designs! You could even try to theme them into characters or game related stuff such as a Pokeball.

here's one I made for my other half as a tester to see if the pattern worked:

To make this I simply used white for the first 11 rounds, switched to black for 3 rounds and then red for the final 11 rounds, then to finish off I made a little black and white circle to stitch onto the top.

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