Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

After a very long break from working on the blog we are back! we apologise for the very long absence but we both felt like we had to step away for a bit due to other commitments and for our sanity's sake!
But now we are back and have tonnes of new patterns for you!
We are starting off with loads of small projects to get us back into the swing of things which ties nicely into this pattern, over on our facebook page its been suggested that patterns that can be used as gifts for Christmas and such that are easy to do would like to be seen so this is what we came up with :)
These funky fingerless gloves come together very quickly! we made a pair in under 2 hours so they don't take long at all! these are great for anyone who has a smart phone for the colder months, also for those who work in a cold environment or even just as a fashion accessory as they are pretty damn good looking if I say so myself ; )

Things you need to know:

You will need a 3.5mm crochet hook

You will need one ball of regular DK wool

These come in 2 sizes, small/medium and medium/large, this can be seen throughout the pattern as different numbers like this (28/36), for the smaller size, follow the smaller number and for the bigger size, follow the bigger number.
Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Ch 15
Row 1: sc into second ch from hook and into every ch to the end of the row, ch 1 and turn (14)

Row 2-(28/36): sc into each sc, ch 1 and turn (14)

bring the two ends together and sl st through both layers to make your cuff,

do not finish off!

you will now be working in continuous rounds (no joining!) we recommend using a stitch marker to keep track of your rows

Rnd 1: distribute (28/36) sc around the top of the cuff

Rnd 2-14: sc in each sc around

Rnd 15: ch 6, miss 6 sc and sc into the 7th (this creates the thumb hole) , sc into each sc around

Rnd 16: work 6 sc into the ch 6 space, *sc into the next 4 sc, sc2tog* repeat (6/7) times

Rnd 17-22: sc in each sc around

Finish off and sew in loose ends with a tapestry needle

Turn right side out

And you're done!

Make the other and you have yourself a nice new snazzy pair of fingerless gloves!

Of course feel free to mess about with this pattern to make them custom fit to your size as the pattern doesn't change if you add or take stitches away :)
And play around with the colours! make them as plain or as funky as you like :) Just have fun with it!

As always please feel free to leave us a comment or head on over to our facebook page to keep up to date with what we are up to! we would also LOVE to see pictures of anything you make using our patterns!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Paperchain Style Headband Pattern

This particular pattern was inspired by paper chains (as the title suggests :P), more specifically how they link together, each part of the chain is individually made before connecting together to form one big chain.

This first started out as a little experiment a couple weeks ago that my mum was messing round with, we soon realised that if we could get it to work the overall effect was quite nice so we kept working on it.

Of course there was a couple (a lot!) of hiccups in the making of this, if you don't make sure you repeat the same thing exactly the whole chain can twist and you get chains that face the wrong way which don't really look that nice unless you alternate them, this was our biggest problem next to getting the length of the headband right, it was either too loose or way too tight.

Finally however we managed to crack it and have included a picture tutorial for your benefit so you don't have to sit there getting frustrated like we did!

Note: it is advised that you do this on a flat surface, this is to make sure all your chains will face the correct way and will remain neat.

Headband Pattern

For this you will need a little of any colour of DK (8ply) wool you want and a 4mm crochet hook

ch 11

Rnd 1: 2 dc in second ch from hook and into the remaining 9 ch, (20)

This forms a little backwards C shape as shown below

Insert your hook into the first chain

Slip stitch to hold it together, and that's your first loop! (or O shape)

Rnd 2: ch 11

 2 dc in second ch from hook and into the remaining 9 ch just like in round 1, this forms the next chain

Bring the other end of the C under and through the hole of the first O shape as shown below

Insert your crochet hook through the first ch as before and sl st to join,

This is the basis of how you will create your headband,

Repeat round 2 until you reach your desired length, In total we ended up with 17 chains.

To join the two ends together, simply bring the other end of the C under and through the hole of the first O shape you created and join with a sl st

Finish off and weave in ends with a tapestry needle.

And there you go! one very funky textured headband!

I'm not sure what you think but we both thought that once it was complete and on my head it looked like a bridal headband, what do you think?

Anyway! this headband does take a long time to do and it can take a little while to grasp the basics but once you know what to do you'll be blasting through it!

As always please feel free to leave us a comment or head on over to our facebook page to keep updated with what we're doing and when our patterns will be going up!